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Overcoming a Crisis

An intriguing story is told in 2 Chronicles 20 in which enemies formed an alliance to fight against Jehoshaphat, King of Judah. When Jehoshaphat received a report from his intelligence network about the pending attack from the enemies’ forces, he

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The Good News of the Cross

Stephen Chan, Bedok Methodist Church When my wife and I got married in 1994, we planned to have 2 children, a boy and a girl. However 2 years into our marriage, we were still childless. Each time my wife missed

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And Into His Marvelous Light

Rosetta Ann Park, Apex Church, Scotland & Cornerstone Community Church, Philippines If rejection had a name, it would have been mine. I was saturated with that spirit from my earliest memory. Rejection dogged and trailed my every thought and action, and

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My Faithful & Merciful God

Mary Goh, Emmanuel Assembly of God I was born in a Christian family and was baptized when I was just a few months old. Since I attended Sunday school and services since young, I grew up hearing the word of

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Living With Hearing Impairment

(Josiah Tan, New Life Baptist Church) I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss when I was very young, and was fitted with cochlear implants when I was 2. My parents were afraid that I might never learn to speak properly.

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Blessed to be a Blessing

TLBS has been welcoming an increasing number of international students into SOM. Through this interview, we got to know some of them a little better and found out more about their lives back home and their reflections about their TLBS

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