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Why Bible school is not just for the “up-there Christian”

Growing up in my Christian circle, the words “Tung Ling” were bandied around as some sort of mystical place you would go to get woke about Christian stuff. Much like Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), I thought it was something only for the

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The Birth of a Heartbeat

A Rude Awakening The story starts in 2016. I was at a conference when God challenged me with this thought: “Will you get off “The Treadmill of Life?” — a revolving treadmill of work, performance and achievements. I was working

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How Jesus Found Me in Prison

I was born in a kampong in Serangoon North. My house was a temple and gambling den where many came to gamble illegally. In this environment I grew up in, there were a lot of drugs, and I saw a lot

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