Polished Shaft Magazine


Isaiah 49:2 “And He has made My mouth like a sharp sword; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me, And made Me a polished shaft, In His quiver He has hidden Me.” 



Each term, students aim to be “Polished Shafts” – children under the shadow of His hand, ready to be sent forth unerringly to His mark. Each shaft is taken through a process of refining until it becomes like gold reflecting the Almighty – each polished shaft bears His nature. Each person specially prepared, purified, tested and proven. We are grateful for your continued prayers and support in sowing the seeds for our students to experience a transformational season in their lives at Tung Ling.

We thank you for the many years of friendship and generosity to the great harvest. Tung Ling Bible School is known as a school of the Holy Spirit and House of Worship. Time after time, we experience the faithfulness of God in seeing our students through the School of Ministry & School of Leadership. Some highlights during the 3-month course are shown through the carefully curated pictures and stories in the Polished Shaft magazine; we are delighted to enclose a copy for you to download for viewing.

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Wind of Change : SOM Term 1, 2022 
– Re-Digging the Wells: SOL & SOM Term 2, 2021
Changing Times, Unchanging God: SOM Term 1, 2021
– Turning Point: SOM Term 1, 2020
– Face to Face Divine Encounter: SOM Term 2, 2019 
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