Poh Yu KhingBrother Yu Khing has worked in both the Singapore Government and private sector. Having a love for competitive sports, his childhood ambition was to be a Sport Psychologist. He completed his Psychology degree and a Masters in Sport & Human Performance Psychology. His work experience includes: being a Sport Psychologist; sports policy and strategy development; setting-up the Singapore Sports School and Singapore Sports Hub, and corporate training and development. His spiritual awakening took place when he attended Tung Ling’s School of Leadership in 2017, and left with the lingering question “Lord, how do we win Singapore for Christ? And what role do you want me to play”. He took a step of faith by leaving his corporate job to seek God for what’s next – and God has been leading him on an exciting journey in the marketplace. Yu Khing now operates as a freelance consultant – fully employed by God to do marketplace ministry work in various capacities. He is also part of the Alpha Singapore team helping to promote the Alpha Workplace programme.

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