‘From Him, For Him’ – Peter Tran

Peter (white)

I was born in Vietnam. My family was Catholic, so I was baptised when I was a baby. My family and I were very happy and everything was rather peaceful until my grandfather passed away in February 2002. He was very close to me and I was devastated by his death. That same year in December, my father passed away because of blood cancer. I could not understand why all this was happening to me and my family and slowly, I grew lonely and felt miserable.

When my father passed away, my mother was still very young and was unable to take care of us. My two sisters and I had to live with my grandmother whom I loved very much, but she was quite old and could not support us. At that point in time, my uncles and aunts came together and decided to send me to an orphanage. The contract with that orphanage stipulated that I would not be able to return to my hometown again and no one in my family would be allowed to visit me. They read the terms of the contract aloud in front of me and I started to cry the moment I heard them discussing the signing of the contract. The thought that came into my mind was: “I am only a little kid and nobody wants me, loves me or cares for me!” I felt so rejected and I was really hurt by the fact that my own relatives wanted to send me away. But thank God, they decided not to send me away in the end because I kept on crying. Hence, I stayed with my uncle. My uncle loved me, but my aunt felt otherwise. I was treated like a stranger in their house and I felt lonely and abandoned.

Things got worse in 2006, when one of my sisters passed away due to an accident. I was shocked – no words could express how I felt. I felt like committing suicide; I did not want to live anymore. Because of this, my mother came back and took care of me and my siblings.

After that, because of my family’s poor financial situation, I was sent to live in an orphanage far away from my family. Initially I thought that it was a school, so I was delighted to go there. I thank God that it was a good orphanage and I learnt a lot from that place. I stayed there for five years in total. I started to serve the orphans there in my third year and I worked very hard for them. However, I discovered that something was amiss with the orphanage and thus did not want to continue working for them. Hence, I decided to leave.

While I was still at the orphanage, I met a Singaporean visitor – Vincent Tan. Under his sponsorship, I left the orphanage and came to Singapore, where I encountered God powerfully through Faith Community Baptist Church and gave my life to Jesus and decided to follow Him wholeheartedly. Through all these, I started to learn to relate with God personally, to give my life to Him and obey Him. God then gave me a dream about my future. In the dream, I saw that I was impacting hundreds of youths in Vietnam, teaching them about Christ and discipling them in Him. First, it was only 20 youths; then it grew to 100, 500 and finally 1000. When I received this vision from God, I was very excited. I knew that God had a purpose for me in the future and my life was to win and disciple souls for Jesus.

I learnt about TLBS through my cell leader and decided to enroll in it. During one of the lessons at TLBS, God again reminded me about His calling for me through the prophecy released by Pastor James Singh who conducted the module on Prayer and Fasting. He prophesied that God has called me into full-time ministry and He has blocked all the other paths of mine so that I may follow His one and only path and fulfill His calling. I know that God has placed me in Singapore, and particularly in TLBS for these few months to train me for His purpose in the future. In TLBS, I have learnt a lot of things and God really speaks clearly to me through all the lessons and the lecturers. My life has been transformed powerfully and I desire to serve Him all the days of my life.

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