SOM Lecturers
Reverend Paul Jeyachandran : Lecturer
Reverend Paul Jeyachandran

Rev Paul Jeyachandran is a gifted preacher and an able expositor of God’s Word. A powerful and prolific communicator, Paul speaks with such keen insight, challenging conventional mindsets and stretching the capacity of his listeners to maximise their God-given potential. Each year, he travels extensively and has ministered in over 25 nations, speaking in conferences, mentoring pastors and inspiring movement leaders to disciple the nations. Paul and his wife, Pastor Esabel Jeyachandran, provide leadership to a growing disciple making movement and are the Senior Pastors of IDMC.Church, a multisite church in Sydney, Australia. Paul and Esabel serve the Lord together with their two beloved sons – David (20), and Adam (17).

Pastor Chris Gore : Lecturer
Pastor Chris Gore

Chris Gore was a pastor in New Zealand before moving to Redding, California in 2006. He was the Director of Healing Ministries for Bethel Church and returned to New Zealand in 2022. While having an unquenchable hunger for God’s Presence, Chris’ passion is to see ordinary saints walking in extraordinary exploits by releasing the kingdom through healing and miracles. Chris teaches and activates the church to walk in a kingdom mindset and the full inheritance that Jesus paid for. He is married and has three beautiful daughters.

Pastor Rupert Lim : Lecturer
Pastor Rupert Lim

Pastor Rupert Lim is a trained professional musician who gave up his established music career to follow the call of God. He served as a full-time worship director at Cornerstone Community Church for more than 20 years and is currently serving as worship director at Christ Methodist Church. He lectures at various Christian institutions and is also one of the lecturers at the School of Ministry, Tung Ling Bible School. He speaks regularly at worship seminars and conducts training and workshops to worship ministries of churches of various denominations. Pastor Rupert is married and have two lovely children.

Reverend James Jagjeet Singh : Lecturer
Reverend James Jagjeet Singh

Reverend James Jagjeet Singh is the overseer of Eagle’s Nest Church and an itinerant Evangelist under the Assemblies of God, Singapore. In this dual office, he carries a prophetic anointing and the fire of the Holy Spirit wherever he goes. His passion is to see revival come upon the churches. He graduated from Assemblies of God Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology. He is married to Rosie and together they have two children, Josiah and Sarabeth.

Senior Pastor Daniel Foo : Lecturer
Senior Pastor Daniel Foo

Senior Pastor Daniel Foo is the Senior Pastor of Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church, Singapore. He had worked in the financial markets for over 20 years, before heeding the call to give himself fully to the ministry since mid-2000. He is a gifted teacher of the Word, and his ministry focus is on spiritual leadership and teaching the Word to equip the saints for effective ministry. He speaks regularly at Pastors & Leaders Conferences in various countries and especially in West African nations. He is on the faculty of Haggai Institute & Tung Ling Bible School. He serves on the leadership team of the Love Singapore Network of Churches. He has co-authored 4 books: Running with Horses & The Outstanding Leader (Armour Publisher); Spiritual Hygiene & Effective Prayer (CRU).

Brother Joseph Chean : Lecturer
Brother Joseph Chean

Brother Joseph Chean is the national director of Youth with A Mission (YWAM) Singapore, a global movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus personally to this generation. Joseph is married to Kim and has two lovely girls, Olivia and Ashley. He attends and serves Chapel of the Holy Spirit, an Anglican church where he served as a youth pastor and Chaplain’s Assistant in St. Andrew’s Secondary School for 8 years (1989-1997). During that time, he also pioneered Eternal Splashes, a creative arts outreach ministry that trains and disciples youth to do street evangelism in Singapore. He joined YWAM since 1997 and has served in various leadership roles before assuming the role of National Director of YWAM Singapore  in 2012.

Reverend Dr Samuel Kim : Lecturer
Reverend Dr Samuel Kim

Reverend Dr Samuel Kim is currently serving as the Senior Pastor of Zion Church in Singapore, and lectures on the History of Redemption Book Series across the Asia Pacific. A pastor deeply-rooted in the Word of the Bible and a fervent preacher of God’s redemptive message, Rev. Kim is also a member of the English translation team for Rev. Dr. Abraham Park’s History of Redemption Book Series.

Dean Ong Guek Ju : Lecturer, Principal, SOM (English) Dean
Dean Ong Guek Ju
Lecturer, Principal, SOM (English) Dean

Dean Ong Guek Ju is a gifted teacher of the Word, regularly training others in her capacity as the Principal of Tung Ling Bible School and Dean of the School of Ministry. Her passionate desire to train and mentor young women and leaders from all walks of life comes through her experience as a professional life coach from Life Forming Leadership Coaching and as an adjunct faculty at the Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training in the Mid-Pacific Centre, Maui. She has authored a book entitled, “From Strength to Strength.”

Pastor Jeremy Witherow : Lecturer
Pastor Jeremy Witherow

Pastor Jeremy Witherow comes from New Zealand, where he is a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God Church. He holds a Bachelor of Ministries and a Master of Theology degree from Laidlaw College (Auckland). Jeremy previously served as a pastor in Singapore for nearly a decade before returning to his homeland. He now serves the Body of Christ through an itinerant teaching, preaching, and prophetic ministry. A passion of Jeremy’s is training and equipping believers for prophetic roles. He is the author of “The Voice of Prophecy,” and “The Handbook for Prophetic Ministry.”

Deputy Senior Pastor Chua Seng Lee : Lecturer
Deputy Senior Pastor Chua Seng Lee

Deputy Senior Ps. Chua Seng Lee has been a full-time pastor since 1992. He has spent more than 3 decades working with youth and young adults. He has also served as council member in the National Youth Council for 4 years, after which he was invited to chair the National Steering Committee for Youth Mentoring for 4 years. Currently, he is a deputy senior pastor with Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church.

Pastor Chris Hayward : Lecturer
Pastor Chris Hayward

Ps. Chris Hayward has been the president of Cleansing Stream International (CSI) for over 21 years, having served in pastoral ministry for 17 years prior to that. Recognized as the largest mass deliverance ministry in the world, CSI, has ministered to over a million people in 36 countries, involving over 7000 churches in the US alone. Pastor Hayward’s calling has been to follow the example of 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” As a result, CSI, with its unique approach of working through churches, has prepared, trained and discipled multiple thousands around the world in the ministry of inner healing and deliverance, using it’s now entitled, “Cleansing Stream University”. Pastor Hayward has written three books, “God’s Cleansing Stream”, “The End of Rejection”, and, “Wounded in The Church”.  During his tenure as president, the CSI workbook has gone through 5 editions and been translated into 12 languages. He currently lives in Santa Clarita, California with his wife Karen, of over 49 years. They have three children and four grandchildren.


Pastor Jenni Ho-Huan : Lecturer
Pastor Jenni Ho-Huan

Reverend Jenni Ho-Huan is city-pastor, raised and ordained in the Presbyterian Church. Her journey of faith included the need to face many fears, as a child, a woman and a leader. Providence kept her in the freedom of Love and to express who God made her  She seeks to serve and strengthen the Body of Christ with her God-given gifts. She has been privileged to start the first Christian podcast (The Cathedral Podcast), author six books, mentor next-gen leaders, speak widely to a large range of audiences, and work alongside her husband to minister to pastors and leaders (ChurchLife Resources). In 2021 she founded a community-movement, To Really Live (, to explore and foster the abundant life Christ offers. Her favourite role is being mom to her two children and one cat. You can read her work on Medium, and

Dean Philip Ong : Lecturer, School of Leadership Dean
Dean Philip Ong
Lecturer, School of Leadership Dean

Dean Philip Ong formerly a CEO of an international Ad Agency to the Founding Chairman of a non-profit organization, is now the Dean of the School of Leadership. He had spent more than 30 years in the advertising business. He started an advertising company in Jakarta and at the same time, together with a group of believers, they started a local church. On returning back to Singapore in 2002, he became the founding chairman of Equipping Leaders for Asia (ELA), a non-profit organization challenging men to rise up as Spiritual Leaders in their homes, workplaces, churches and community. Having dealt with leaders and leadership pitfalls at different levels, Philip felt a compelling need to teach about character formation. He has been teaching Character Formation since 2007 at Tung Ling Bible School.

Reverend Joel Baker : Lecturer
Reverend Joel Baker

Reverend Joel Baker has been in full-time ministry for more than 40 years. He holds a BA in Jewish Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Jewish-Christian Relations taken in Jerusalem where he lived for 10 years. He pastored in South Africa for 4 years, and served as the Dean of the School of Ministry at Tung Ling Bible School from 1996-2001. He is currently Senior Pastor of Flame Tree Church on the Sunshine Coast of Australia where he lives with his wife and family. They have a passion for the wholeness of the Body of Christ and the manifest Kingdom of God.

Reverend Henson Lim : Lecturer
Reverend Henson Lim

Reverend Henson Lim is the author of Say to Archippus, Alignment Check and founder of Archippus Awakening a kingdom initiative dedicated to the awakening of saints to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments. Henson managed an advertising agency for 14 years before stepping into ministry in 2004. After obtaining his M.Div from TCA College, he served as Dean of a school of ministry and later, Deputy Senior Pastor of a local church. Called to the ministry of teaching and preaching, he declares the Word of God with a passion to spur others to rise above mediocre Christianity that they may live lives worthy of their calls in Jesus Christ. Henson is married to Serene and they have seven children.


Reverend Dr Philip Huan : Lecturer
Reverend Dr Philip Huan

Rev. Dr Philip Huan has been a pastor for 21 years in the arenas of Worship, Cells Oversight, Family-Life, and as Senior Pastor. He functioned as pastor overseeing Leadership Development in RiverLife Church, developing systems for grooming multiple levels of leadership. Founder of a consultancy -- ChurchLife Resources, Philip has consulted for pastoral teams, church boards and ministry teams. Since 2004, Philip has intentionally made mentoring a part of his ministry, and has since mentored Senior & Associate Pastors, Board Chairpersons, Youth and Young Adult pastors, as well as leaders in the marketplace.

Passionate for people and leadership development, Philip has taught leadership modules adjunct in Singapore Bible College, Trinity Theological College, Tung Ling Bible School and Covenant Vision School of Ministry. Philip is currently a pastor with Kingdom Community Church, a church-plant inaugurated in December 2011. Philip holds a Masters of Divinity (Trinity Theological College) and a Doctorate of Ministry (Asbury Theological Seminary, USA), and has authored a book, “Enduring Church Growth—Issues on Discipleship, Leadership & Followership” (Armour Publishing). His wife, Jenni, previously served as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church. She currently devotes most of her time to the family while being a published author and regularly writing for Christian publications and forums. They have 2 children, Abigayle (18 years old) and Keith (12 years).

Pastor Dr Philip Lyn : Lecturer
Pastor Dr Philip Lyn

Pastor Dr Philip Lyn is the founder and senior pastor of Skyline Church, Malaysia, a vibrant and growing city-church that prioritises prayer and the workplace.  He studied medicine at Oxford and Biblical studies in London. He is both a practicing medical specialist and pastor and leads a full team of bi-vocational pastors who integrate secular work and church ministry as one calling. He ministers widely in many nations and is currently writing his third book on Christians in the Workplace. His first two were “Slingshots” and “The Call of Issachar”. He is married to Nancy and they have three adult children.

Sister Chiew Kwan and Brother Roy : Lecturer
Sister Chiew Kwan and Brother Roy

Since 2007, both Sis. Seah Chiew Kwan and Bro. Roy Phua have developed interest in Christian spirituality. Keeper’s Loft ministry was formed in Dec 2010. They have been facilitating retreats since. They have two adult children and one grand-daughter. Chiew Kwan did her masters at the Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST) and professional counselling at TCA College. She is an adjunct lecturer with BGST. Her passion is integrating psychotherapy and Christian spirituality in her work and ministry. Roy has been active in church and Christian ministry since his pre-university days. He has served in the Church Board of Directors for 14 years. He retired as a civil defence officer after 31 years of service. He is also an alumnus of TLBS School of Ministry 2019.

Pastor Nicky Raiborde : Lecturer
Pastor Nicky Raiborde

Pastor Nicky Raiborde is the lead pastor of International Family Church in Lexington, South Carolina, a church that is influential, multi-cultural, and making an impact in the midlands of South Carolina, USA. Raised in a godly family, Pastor Nicky's parents nurtured him and his two brothers with spiritual instruction and impartation, which helped him to answer the call of God at the age of 17. Since devoting his life to God in full-time ministry, Pastor Nicky has travelled to over 75 countries, preaching at crusades of thousands and teaching in numerous churches. He has authored several books and lectures regularly at the School of Leadership in Tung Ling Bible School, Singapore and the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, UK. He is an excellent preacher who engages his audience with simple but powerful truths from the Word of God. He continues to pursue the call of God to go to the nations with an apostolic mandate.

Reverend Les Wheeldon : Lecturer
Reverend Les Wheeldon

Reverend Les Wheeldon was called into full time ministry in 1979 and was ordained by a German missionary society. He and his wife, Vicki, pioneered a ministry in Cameroon, West Africa which saw the Lord’s blessings in the formation of a church that is still actively growing today. Rev. Les and his wife served the Lord for eight years in Cameroon. Rev. Les has also pastored several churches in the United Kingdom and has been involved in preaching and teaching God’s word in Africa, Europe and over recent years in Siberia and the Canadian Arctic.

Brother Poh Yu Khing : Lecturer
Brother Poh Yu Khing

Brother Poh Yu Khing has worked in both government and private sector for more than 20 years - helping to setup the Singapore Sports School and Singapore Sports Hub projects. He is now freelance, but considers himself fully employed by God. He serves God through corporate consulting work and a Christian marketplace mentoring programme called Resource Global. His mission is to see businesses as a force for good, and to serve and uplift the less privileged in society.

Brother Steven Cheong : Lecturer
Brother Steven Cheong

Brother Steven Cheong spent 15 years as head of mergers & acquisitions at a listed engineering group before he retired in 2016. Prior to that, he spent 15 years in investment banking. He is an accountant by training. He responded to God’s call to serve in the teaching ministry and has a passion to mentor young adults. He is a member of Cornerstone Community Church and is a graduate of the School of Ministry and School of Leadership, Tung Ling Bible School. He has taught financial stewardship at various forums in Cornerstone Community Church and at the 2021 N5 Conference on Faith, Family & Finance. He is married with 3 children.

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