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Sister Ong Guek Ju : Principal, SOM (English) Dean, Lecturer
Sister Ong Guek Ju
Principal, SOM (English) Dean, Lecturer

Ong Guek Ju is a gifted teacher of the Word, regularly training others in her capacity as the Principal of Tung Ling Bible School and Dean of the School of Ministry. Her passionate desire to train and mentor young women and leaders from all walks of life comes through her experience as a professional life coach from Lifeforming Leadership Coaching and as an adjunct faculty at the Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training in the Mid-Pacific Centre, Maui. She has authored a book entitled, “From Strength to Strength.”

Rev Lee Beng Hoon李明芬牧师 : Lecturer, SOM (Chinese) Dean
Rev Lee Beng Hoon李明芬牧师
Lecturer, SOM (Chinese) Dean


Brother Philip Ong : Dean of School of Leadership
Brother Philip Ong
Dean of School of Leadership

From a CEO of an advertising agency group to the Founding Chairman of a non-profit organization, and now as the Dean of the School of Leadership at Tung Ling Bible School, Philip’s calling has always revolved around business, church ministry and leadership.

Philip had spent more than 30 years in the advertising business. He has always been passionate about using business as mission for the kingdom of God. In 1995, Philip started an advertising company in Jakarta and had led the company into a merger with the world’s second largest advertising group. At the same time, together with a group of believers, they started a local church - Jakarta International Christian Fellowship (JICF). By the time he stepped down as an Elder of the church in 2002, the church had grown from 60 to 600 people.

In response to God’s call, he returned back to Singapore and started a non-profit organization, Equipping Leaders for Asia (ELA) to challenge men to rise as Spiritual Leaders in their homes, workplaces, churches and community. Having dealt with leaders and leadership pitfalls at different levels, Philip felt a compelling need to teach about character formation. He believes that for any leadership to make significant lasting impact, it must flow out of a character of inner security and identity in God. Since 2007, he has taught Character Formation at Tung Ling Bible School.

Philip literally grew up in the church and came to the saving knowledge of Christ at twelve. From an infant to the present, he had been worshipping and serving in different leadership capacities at Hinghwa Methodist Church in Singapore.

Administrative Staff
Rufina Ong : Administrator
Rufina Ong

Elizabeth : Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Cara Loh : Registrar and Programme Co-ordinator
Cara Loh
Registrar and Programme Co-ordinator

Sam George : Audio Video Operations Specialist
Sam George
Audio Video Operations Specialist

Benji Wong : Maintenance Supervisor
Benji Wong
Maintenance Supervisor

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