School of Leadership 2022
(04 July – 22 September 2022)

The curriculum is structured based on the 4Cs in Leadership – Calling, Character, Capabilities and Collaboration. The curriculum is designed with a delicate balance between spiritual formation and leadership development. We believe effective leadership must flow out of the inner character in God to have significant lasting leadership impact.

*Tung Ling Bible School reserves the right to change the curriculum and lecturers at any time during the course of the programme.



The Leadership Challenge

Gleaning from the life of Moses and the challenge to the call of Leadership. Laying the spiritual foundations for healthy Self-leadership.

Dean Philip Ong

7Ps of Outstanding Leadership

Every believer is called to be a positive influencer. How can you be a Spiritual leader within your sphere of influence? Learn the 7 P’s of an Outstanding Spiritual Leader in your community and the marketplace.

Pastor Daniel Foo

Cultivating the Inner Life of a Leader

Discerning the difference between the seen and unseen; success and failure; easy to do and not easy to do things in the life of a leader. How to cultivate a sustainable personal walk with God, the pursuit of personal development, maintaining healthy relationship, rightly handling money and staying healthy.

Pastor Lim Lip Yong

Leadership Vision & Communication

Spiritual leadership is about relating and persuading people to move into the destiny of God. Learn the discipline of catching a God-given vision and the art of casting and communicating the vision.

Pastor Dr. Philip Lyn

Biblical Model of Leadership – Nehemiah

An exposition on the Book of Nehemiah on Spiritual Leadership. Learn the biblical principles of Leadership from Nehemiah.

Dr. Neal Patterson

Discovering Strengths-based Leadership

An effective leader recognizes their personal strength and that of others. They invest in developing strength areas and harness others based on their strengths. (Two full-day workshop to discover your personal area of strength and how to work with others in their strength areas).

Brother Lim Kim Pong

Creating Values & Change in Organization

Understand the value of a values-based organization. How can a leader build and maintain a culture that will attract and encourage team work and interaction in a way that is consistent with the vision and mission of the church or organization?

Pastor Joey Bonifacio

Leadership Prayer & Anointing

God’s call to leadership comes with His empowerment and anointing. A time of impartation and ministry for leaders.

Rev. James Jagjeet Singh

Engaging the Millenial Generation

Every generation is different from another generation. Their worldview, connectivity, priority, values and what makes them tick? How can leaders engage the emerging generation and help them rise to their God-given potential?

Deputy Senior Pastor Chua Seng Lee

Engaging Sexuality & the Porn Phenomenon

Hard talk on issues on sexuality and the pervasive use of pornography infecting society todayHard talk on issues on sexuality and the pervasive use of pornography infecting society today

Pastor Ian Toh

Engaging the Social Media and Influence

Get real with the reality of social media and its influence in our church. What is the Christian’s perspectives and practical handling to issues surrounding the use of social media?

Pastor Norman Ng

Building an Effective Leadership Team

We are only as successful as the team we build around us. Learn how to choose the right people to compliment your leadership style, and how to get your team working together towards common goals.

Rev. Colonel Merrily Madero

Silence & Solitude

Get to experience the discipline of being at rest with leadership demands and learning to hear from God. (A one-and-half day off-campus learning at Changi Cove).

Rev. Vincent Goh

Successful Leadership for the Long Haul

Discovering the keys to flying high and staying long in leadership. Dealing with Brokenness & Baggage; Health & Wealth; Fame & Failure and Restoration & Recovery.

Pastor Dr Chew Weng Chee

The Art of Effective Preaching & Presentation

Communication is both an art and science. You can hone the art of effective preaching and communication. Learn the building blocks and components to having an effective presentation.

Pastor Henson Lim

Coaching & Conflict Resolution

Learn the difference between counselling, mentoring and coaching. Develop the art of powerful conversation and intentional coaching. Apply the practical skills of leadership conflict resolution through coaching.

Dr Joseph Umidi

The 2:52 Leadership Preparation & Growth

Jesus spent 30 hidden years in preparation for his 3 years in ministry. Based on Luke 2:52, learn the principles of deliberate and intentional growth through leadership preparation.

Dr John Andrews

Building Generational Leaders & Succession

Leadership success continues through leadership succession. Learn the legacy of leadership through multi-generational transition.

Rev. Dr Naomi Dowdy

Toxic Leadership & Landmines

Divine empowerment leads to empowering leadership raising empowered leaders. Handling leadership tension between empowering people for long-term performance versus instant result.

Pastor Nicky Raiborde

Building Trust Within the Organization

Erosion of trust often found in leadership and relationship is happening in the work environment with dire consequences. Learn from CEO & Leader of an award-winning GPTW (Great place to work) on how to build a culture of trust and the benefits of it within an organization.

Ms S Y Ong

Christian Leadership, Stewardship & Entrepreneurship

Searching for mid-life change to fulfil God’s calling in life? Be inspired to find your true north in Christian leadership, stewardship and entrepreneurship. Learn about transformational business bringing community transformation through sustainable business solutions to poverty.

Dato Dr Kim Tan

Inside out – The Art of Self Leadership

‘Self-leadership is the intentional practice of disciplining, regulating and developing out lives and leadership so that we can effectively lead ourselves and others to fulfil God’s ultimate purposes of maturity and mission.

Effective leadership comes from the inside out, not top down. The way we lead and influence people is not only by our words, decisions, directives or position, but only by the authenticity and example of our lives. It’s about who we are within. Leading ourselves from within so that we  can effectively lead others. This is what we termed today as ‘Self-Leadership – from the inside out!

Reverend Bruce Hills

Advance Strategies to Create Engaging Online Learning Experience

Today, we are inundated with everything online from virtual shopping to teachings. Teachers, communicators, lecturers, advertisers as well as learners are simply overwhelmed by everything online, reaching a point of fatigue or being jaded.

How can you. as an online teacher, facilitator or communicator create fun, high energy program that will engage your participants and leave them wanting for more?

Kenneth Kwan will share on how to use online and offline techniques to create engagement and get people to connect with you quickly. you will learn to create high energy in participation and use equipment that you to create a better experience for your audience.

Mr Kenneth Kwan

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