Register Now –  School of Ministry 2022 

Term 2: 4 July – 22 September 2022  


Compulsory Items
1 SOM Application Form (click to download)
2 SOM Pastoral Recommendation Form (click to download)
3 Passport-sized photos x2
4 SGD$50 Registration Fees
– Cash or Online Payment via click here 
– Cheque made payable to: TUNG LING BIBLE SCHOOL LTD

Deadline for LOCAL applicants applying for School Of Ministry, Term 2 2022 is 30th June 2022 

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (not Singapore citizen or PR)

Compulsory Documents (Kindly click here to refer to guidelines for Completion and Processing of Student Pass)

International applicants will need to be 21 years and above to apply

1 SOM Application Form (click to download)
2 SOM Pastoral Recommendation Form (x 2) (click to download)
– 1 Recommendation Form from Singapore
– 1 Recommendation Form from Country of Origin
3 Student Pass Application Form (click to download)
4 Certificate of Health Form (click to download)
5 Photocopy of birth certificate (If you do not have an official birth certificate, please proceed to prepare a sworn Affidavit stating your name, date of birth, place, of birth, parents’ names. The Affidavit must be duly notarized by an authorized Notary Public or relevant government dept.)
6 Photocopy of marriage certificate (If applicable)
7 Photocopy of passport
– Photocopy of every page of passport including blank pages
– Please ensure that the name shown in your passport is identical to that in the birth certificate. If there are any discrepancies, please prepare an Affidavit explaining the discrepancy.
8 Photocopy of all education certificates & all transcripts
9 2 recent passport-sized photos (Must be taken on a white background)

**International students should complete and submit all required forms (IN PDF FORMAT) at least 3 months before the course commences

Deadline for INTERNATIONAL applicants applying for School Of Ministry Term 2,  2022 is 31 March 2022


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, kindly do note that there are border restrictions for travelers entering into Singapore and quarantine requirements are mandatory. We have obtained information on SHN for Student Pass Holder (“STP”) based on Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints (“ICA”) webpage latest update.

Please see link:

If you missed the deadline and still wish to apply, please do not hesitate to contact us.