Raju Christi

Raju Christi

Just 65 km away from Gujarat capital; DALITS do not have freedom to live in 21st century

Everyone is talking about the development in Gujarat; the picture that has gone out globally makes it seem like everyone is very happy in this state. But the actual picture is very different and very shameful. Last Sunday I was asked to present a paper on whether untouchability exists in Gujarat or whether the DALITs are safe in Gujarat.

In the last three weeks, in three different places and in six different incidents, 3 Dalits have been killed and several have been hospitalized in this state of Gujarat, in a village TAJPURI which is very near to Himmatnagar the district HQ of Sabarkantha district. Last week, one of the DALIT boy was getting married and as a part of the joy of marriage they had taken the procession from the village to the temple. Two questions posted to this community ‘why have you taken the possession’ and ‘why did you enter into the temple’. On the first occasion, they simply scolded the community people and everyone thought that this was a part of life and they went ahead for marriage. While returning after the marriage; in their ignorance the mob of THAKARDA community attacked the DALITS with rods and swords and about 19 people have been bitten up very badly. They are hospitalized in the civil hospital Himmatnagar. I with Mr. Bhanubhai Parmar, Rev. Arun Christy and Ramjibhai Parmr the local Lay leader in GSCC Prantij visited the village two weeks back.

Now the recent development is that after our visit, the Dalits went and gave in writing to the district authorities that they have decided not to be a part of Hindu religious system but rather convert to Christianity. So for the last three days the RSS and VHP is urging them not to take the step. Local Dalit leader wants to take this step by the people.

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