School of Leadership 2018
(09 Jul – 27 Sep 2018)

The curriculum is structured based on the 4Cs in Leadership – Calling, Character, Capabilities and Collaboration. The curriculum is designed with a delicate balance between spiritual formation and leadership development. We believe effective leadership must flow out of the inner character in God to have significant lasting leadership impact.

*Tung Ling Bible School reserves the right to change the curriculum and lecturers at any time during the course of the programme.



The Leadership Challenge Mr Philip Ong
7Ps of Outstanding Leadership Pastor Daniel Foo
Cultivating the Inner Life of a Leader Pastor Lim Lip Yong
Leadership Vision & Communication Dr. Philip Lyn
Biblical Model of Leadership – Nehemiah Dr. Neal Patterson
Discovering Strengths-based Leadership Brother Lim Kim Pong
Relational Leadership & Teamwork Rev. Rick Zachary
Surviving the Anointing of Priest & King Rev. David Ravenhill
Leadership Ministry Keys Pastor Norman Holmes
Leadership Qualities & Character Pastor Aaron Jen
Silence & Solitude To be confirmed
Successful Leadership for the Long Haul Pastor Dr. Chew Weng Chee
Art of Effective Preaching & Presentation Pastor Henson Lim
Creating Values-based Organization Pastor Joey Bonifacio
Navigating Organizational Change in Leadership Pastor Joey Bonifacio
*Anniversary Lecture* Dr Frank Damazio
Toxic Leadership & Spirit-Empowered Leadership Pastor Nicky Raiborde
Generational Leadership & Leadership Succession Rev. Dr. Naomi Dowdy
Leadership Coaching Dr. Joseph Umidi
Resolving Leadership Conflict Dr. Joseph Umidi
Leadership Prayer & Anointing Rev. Yang Tuck Yoong
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