School of Leadership


Lectures are from 8:30am to 1pm, Monday through Friday.
Activities will be conducted on Wednesday afternoons from 2.00 to 4.00pm to supplement classroom teaching.



2017 Term: 10 Jul – 28 Sep 2017
Orientation: 10 Jul 2017
Graduation: 28 Sep 2017

Dateline for INTERNATIONAL applicants applying for SOL 2017 is CLOSED. Please apply for SOL 2018 instead.
Dateline for LOCAL applicants applying for SOL 2017 is CLOSEDPlease apply for SOL 2018 instead.
*Limited seats, first-come-first-served basis
If you missed the dateline and still wish to apply, please do not hesitate to contact us.


2018 Term: 9 Jul – 27 Sep 2018
Orientation: 9 Jul 2018
Graduation: 27 Sep 2018

Dateline for INTERNATIONAL applicants applying for SOL 2018:  30th March 2018
Dateline for LOCAL applicants applying for SOL 2018: 29th June 2018
*Limited seats, first-come-first-served basis

For more information on the School of Leadership, please feel free to contact us.



Non- refundable Registration Fee: SGD$100.00
Course Fees:
 SGD$2,000 (not inclusive of textbooks)
Accommodation (only available for international students): SGD$150 per month (limited vacancies)
(Other charges apply for overseas students. Please contact the school for details)

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