Raising A New Generation of Believers

to Fulfil the Call and Mandate of the Kingdom

Established in 1978, Tung Ling Bible School offers two three-month courses – the ‘School of Leadership‘ and the ‘School of Ministry‘, taught by lecturers from diverse backgrounds and countries, that will touch and change your life forever. It will be a time of learning, reflection, and spiritual training.

What to Expect in Three Months

The testimony of Tung Ling Bible School is in the transformation of our students within the short span of three months. Our students learn how to live with an awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their life. They emerge with an overflow of God’s love upon them, a renewed mindset to handle the challenges ahead, and gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of spiritual truths pertaining to the things of the kingdom. This is the place for you to grow with a community of believers, dwell in intimacy with Jesus, and encounter miracles.

2 Corinthians 13:14 (NKJV)
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.

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Application Deadlines for 2024/2025

Local Students

School of Ministry
Application Deadline for Term I 2025: 3 January 2025
Application Deadline for Term II 2024: 3 July 2024

Chinese School of Ministry
Application Deadline for 2024: 3 April 2025

School of Leadership
Application Deadline for 2024: 3 July 2024

International Students

School of Ministry
Application Deadline for Term I 2025: 4 October 2024
Application Deadline for Term II 2024: 8 April 2024

Chinese School of Ministry
Application Deadline: 3 January 2025

School of Leadership
Application Deadline for 2024: 8 April 2024

School of Leadership

Course overview and lecturers


School of Ministry

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Course overview and lecturers


Student Testimonials

God Had Another Plan Instead of Retirement

I was looking forward to retirement from the university at the end of June 2022. I thought it was time to chill-out and take things easy after 40 years of service. Apparently, God has another plan for me. Through the nudging of Dean Philip, I ended up in SOL 2022. I must testify that the experience has been so wonderful. I have learnt so much just sitting at the feet of anointed lecturers and interacting with my fellow SOL course mates. It is indeed a time of refreshing. I feel re-tyred, re-fired and ready for the next lap. Glory to God.

Professor Emeritus James Goh Hinghwa Methodist Church

God Took 26 Years of Sorrow and Filled it With Joy

As Psalm 23:6 says - God has been amazing to me from day one till now! On 4 January 2021, God gave me a second chance and brought me to TLBS to start an intimate relationship with Him. From 9-22 of January, God spoke to me through John 16:33. He took away my fears and pulled me even closer to him. God healed me internally - He took away 26 years of sorrow and hate and in its place, filled me with His joyous love and Holy Spirit. Now, I am a favoured child of God! Amen.

Pacifique Mukaseti, Rawanda Victory International Church

Encountered Him in Unexpected and Spectacular Ways

I’m a senior leader in the marketplace, and desire to be deeply grounded in biblical worldviews and practical spiritual leadership to bridge the spiritual-secular divide. TLBS not only offers first-class teaching, it challenges Christians to run the race marked out for us in God’s way. Dean Ju and Dean Philip themselves model authenticity, excellence and fruitfulness as exemplary Christ followers and servant leaders. It’s a refreshing time with the Lord for me daily. I’ve encountered Him in the most unexpected, spectacular way, and achieved breakthroughs that I’ve been praying for. I’m now more ready to run the race!

Lynette Leong 3:16 Church

A Time of Deep Reconstruction

I entered the year desiring spiritual training and deeper encounters with God. In a time of prayer, I heard God placing the words “Tung Ling” on my heart, without knowing anything about the school. Half a year later, with the blessing of my pastors, I found myself beginning my SOM journey at a juncture when I was seeking direction and at the same time desiring healing and stretching. I’m grateful for my time in TLBS. It has been a time of deep reconstruction, refreshing, and restoration because of the teaching, faith-filled culture, and community. Praise be to God!

Reuben Ng Shi Yang Kum Yan Methodist Church

Love and Leadership of The Deans Was Remarkable

Being in TLBS was like taking a refreshing walk in the rain of God’s grace. Week 1 was like a little light drizzle and with each passing week, I experienced a deeper and stronger out-working of the Word and Spirit. The love and leadership of the Deans was remarkable and inspiring to the student body. Dance! I am jumping in the river and full of joy! I cannot wait to see the outpouring of the Spirit in the weeks and months to come. Better things are yet to be done in this city!

Ps Ian Toh 3:16 Church

Best 3 Months of My Life

After experiencing the best three months of my life at SOM, I entered SOL, eagerly anticipating what the Lord has in store for me. It has been an amazing new season of growing deeper in faith, building stronger foundations, and receiving powerful equipping through the wisdom of our amazing lecturers and the wonderful Word of God. As the Lord reshapes my perspectives on leadership across ministry, marketplace, family, and importantly self-leadership, He proves time and time again that nothing compares to His divine wisdom. God is so good and the journey with Him just keeps getting more and more exciting!

Elyna Sandra Ai-Lin Vijay Church Of Singapore (Balestier)

Unforgettable Memories

Three months of getting equipped spiritually, learning in-depth, meeting awesome people, and building new kingdom friendships have made my stay in Singapore remarkable. I am forging unforgettable memories and carrying them home with me. Setting everything aside to seek God and dwell in His wonderful presence has been amazingly powerful. Devotion time and lectures here have been full of revelations that have helped me understand more about God. Being able to attend TLBS has truly been a blessed opportunity of a lifetime. I am incredibly honored to be part of it. This has been absolutely remarkable. Shalom!

Pastor Jimmy MeiTei NST Covenant Mission Church (India)

Really Fruitful Time in SOL

I felt the Lord say to me, “Go for SOL.” During my first week, my heart was touched by God and He spoke to me through the worship, lectures and people around me. My time in SOL has been really fruitful and I am thankful for being able to attend these classes together with many like-minded classmates and wonderful teachers of the Word. I have been equipped with more knowledge and tools to be a better leader for myself, my family and my ministry. Praise the Lord for the good work He is doing through SOL!

Felicia Chin Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church

My Wife Has Noticed My Transformation

I never imagined I could ever take time off from work to attend TLBS. In June, I lost my job after 28 years with the same employer, but I knew that God had a plan and was opening a new door with TLBS. My TLBS time has been blessed with God’s daily touch. Despite attending BSF for eight consecutive years, I have only now understood that “learning” the Word is different from “loving” and “living” the Word. My best testimony is that even my wife has noticed my transformation after just two weeks and she has resolved to join TLBS in 2024.

Edwin Low Chee Ann New Creation Church

Full of Encounters in SOL

I have heard many life-changing stories from students who attended Tung Ling Bible School. Finally, I am here to experience it for myself. Words seem inadequate to describe my thoughts and feelings, except to say I am deeply impacted and that there has been a paradigm shift to how I approach my service towards the Lord. My days at the School of Leadership have been nothing short of encounters, and I am so filled with the goodness and faithfulness of God just by listening to the powerful, amazing testimonies of my school mates. God has a special assignment for each of us in His Kingdom!

Raymond Tan The New Charis Mission

I saw Jesus and the Power of His Works

“We want to see Jesus” echoes through my mind as each day passes in TLBS. Alone time at the pavilion each morning at dawn drew me into the Father’s presence. A new day brings forth a new beginning. Worship at chapel service elevated my intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Whenever heartfelt testimonies and devotions were shared, and spirit-provoking lessons were taught, I saw Jesus and the power of His works amongst us today. Reflection upon reflection poured forth new revelation of who Jesus is to me, and who I am to Him. It is time to show others who Jesus is!

Andrew Lim Christ Methodist Church


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