Crossing Over From Glory to Glory

amanda-foo-whiteAmanda Foo, St. John’s – St. Margaret’s Church
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Entering National University of Singapore (“NUS”) after my time at Tung Ling, I wondered if I would ever feel as close to God and as excited about Him as I had felt while in Bible school. Looking back on my past few semesters, I can confidently say that the Christian life is indeed lived from glory to glory.


TLBS friends

My initial prayer before entering university was that I would have just one Godly, female friend that I could journey with. Far beyond my expectations, God blessed me with not one, but a whole community of Christians in the very College I live in. I now share a suite with 5 other Godly girls – all of whom I love very dearly. They have truly encouraged me and challenged me in the way they live out their faith.


Uni friends

In my time in university thus far, God has also impressed upon my heart the importance of seeing people in light of eternity – to recognise that everyone will spend eternity somewhere, either in perfect union with Him or eternal separation from Him.

Particularly in the university setting, we encounter individuals who are highly intellectual and are critically engaged. Many of these people are looking for answers to life’s most difficult questions like whether there is a God. Apart from finding a community that I receive from and am constantly encouraged by, I have also had the privilege of serving this community through running Alpha.



It has truly been so amazing to see non-believers come week in, week out, to discuss with my team the tenets of the Christian faith. Not just an intellectual exercise, Alpha has truly been a place of acceptance and love for those who come. We firmly believe that it is in the way we love each other and the guests that the love of Christ is displayed.

The Christian life is most convincing when lived out in totality. In allowing Biblical truth to seep into every facet of my life, especially academics, I have gotten the chance to share Christ with classmates and exchange students that I encounter. God has proven Himself faithful, even after my time at Tung Ling came to an end. He is so great and so vast that He will never run out of things to show me about Himself, and I am excited to see what else He has in store for my time at NUS!

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