I Crossed Over!

kezo-whiteMudothi (Ado) Kezo, (Chakhesang Christian Revival Church, Nagaland)
SOM 2014 T1 | SOL 2016

I graduated from the School of Ministry (SOM) at Tung Ling Bible School (TLBS) in 2014. Three months at TLBS was a ‘maximum impact in minimum period’ for me. With both dedicated staff and anointed lecturers, TLBS was where I spent my best three months throughout my 20 years in full-time ministry. Learning and listening to the Word of God transformed me. After SOM, I was no longer the same. I became more passionate for God’s mission. I started discovering the core values of my life and learning to honor and abide by them. I became more driven by God’s purpose and vision in my life than being tossed back and forth. My focus became more intense and specific.

truth-worship-centre-03Back in 1997, a dream and a desire to start a Worship and Missions Training Centre was conceived. With the belief that worship must come before works and that only a true worshipper can be a true witness of God, I started to visualise a centre where there will be vibrant worship of God. I knew what I had to do but the fear of man and the fear of failure caused me to abort the dream.

In 2014, I kept soaking in the whole TLBS experience. From chapel to teaching sessions by Dean Ju and other lecturers as well as fellowship with classmates, I was drinking from God and my faith was fired up. I saw that my dream to start the Worship Centre could become a reality. Although I had no resources to back me up, I had faith that there was nothing that could stop me from accomplishing what I was pursuing. I could feel that the time of conception was over and it was time to give birth at any cost. The only thing left to do was to take a deep breath, push with all the strength within me and take a giant leap of faith to cross over from a dream to the other side of reality.

truth-worship-centre-01Within a week upon returning home to Nagaland after SOM, I began building the worship centre. Without any professional builders, we built with whatever materials we could find. It took us four months and by the end of July 2014 the worship centre was completed. It was a dream come true. On the first week of August 2014, Truth Worship Centre was dedicated to the Lord and the first Sunday Worship service was held on the second week of August 2014 with one new family. As I was writing this article from Singapore, my spiritual family in Nagaland had just celebrated the second anniversary of Truth Worship Centre on 7th August 2016. 19 families and 90 people come together regularly to worship God at the centre. Nine people have taken water baptism and more are preparing to be baptised. More thanksgivings came in the form of a two-month Praise and Worship intensive workshop that was conducted, and a Music School and a Spiritual Counselling Centre that have been set up. An evangelism outreach named ‘Beautiful Feet’ is also on the go.

truth-worship-centre-02Moving forward, I am inspired to start a Missions Training Centre in Nagaland, where the untrained will be trained, empowered and mobilized into the mission’s field. At the School of Leadership, God has begun to equip me as I sit under anointed teaching on leadership issues. God has been faithful to fulfill my dreams and desires, surely He will take me to yet another level. I thank God for all the journeys I had been through and I am thinking now of the legacy I want to leave for the next generations to come.

Pastor Kezo serves actively at Chakhesang Christian Revival Church Sodzulhou, Dimapur. He is one of the Missions Coordinators of Nagaland Christian Revival Church Mission Movement. He is from Kikruma village and was brought up in a Christian family in Pfutsero Town, Nagaland, North-East India. Pastor Kezo is married to Atsil, a woman of faith, and together they serve Jesus. God has blessed them with two beautiful children, daughter Abigail who is 2 years and 10 months and son Zhopothito who is 13 months old.

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