Rev. Colonel Merrily Madero is called and anointed to preach, teach, and serve around the world. She is an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God and splits her time between the USA and Canada. Merrily is President of M3 International, a non-profit ministry conducting Leadership Development, predominately in South East Asia. Merrily is a retired Colonel from the US Air Force, serving on active duty for 30 years. She commanded four large organizations, served in multiple Director positions, lived in six different countries, including serving at the US Embassy in Afghanistan. She has Bachelor Degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Christian Theology, and three Master Degrees in Personnel Management, Military Science, and National Resource Strategy. Merrily is newly married to Joël Casse, a French-Canadian from Quebec.  She has one daughter who is a medical doctor, working in a combined Emergency Medicine – Internal Medicine residency in New York City.

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